Voting Rewards

Voting on CookieCraft is a fantastic way to support the server and also gain great perks and rewards Currently there are 9 voter ranks that come with their own prefixes and other perks that can only be obtained by voting daily.

Remember that CookieCraft is a network made up of multiple servers. Rewards and ranks do not carry over from one server to another. To ensure you get your rewards and perks, make sure you are logged in when you vote! If you vote while not logged in, the votes will default to the Hub server and your points will be lost.

How to Vote

Make sure you’re logged into the world that you want to receive the rewards for. You can view the voting links in game with /votelist. Open the links one by one and vote on each site.

You can vote on every site every 24 hours. Voting on all 8 means you get 8 points towards your vote ranks and 8 different rewards. Voting on all 8 in one day gives you a reward as well.

Vote Menu

You can access the vote menu with /vote. Here you can access useful information, leaderboards and the Voting Shop. You can click each of the options to expand upon them

Voting Sites

You can see the sites that are available for voting by clicking the first option on the Vote Menu. You can also access this with the /voteurl command. This is very useful to see which vote sites are still in cooldown

Other Vote Menu Options:

Vote Status: Like “Voting Sites” on the Vote Menu, this second options allows you to see your current status on the different vote sites as well as cooldowns more quickly.
Last Voted & Total Total Votes: The third and forth options will show you the last time you voted on one of the vote sites, and will show you your all time total votes.
Top Voters: See the current top voters for the month. You can see “All Time” leaderboard by clicking clicking this and then clicking the oak sign.
Today: This shows you the sites you voted on in the last 24 hours.
Vote Shop: You can spend your hard earned vote points on various items! The store is always updating so be sure to check it out every so often.

Vote Party

Every time the server has received 200 votes from all the players, a everyone online will be given a Spawner Crate and $5,000! See the status of a vote party with /voteparty.

Top Voters

Every month the top 3 voters of the server will be rewarded with Cookie Coins! Make sure you vote every day to get all your rewards, and to potentially win Cookie Coins! All the rewards are listed below.

Voting as Alternative to Buying Cookie Coins

We have provided pathways to get all non-cosmetic items that are obtainable from Cookie Coins. One way is through voting! CookieCraft is a MASSIVE project with quite literally thousands of hours invested into its development. The server has to be supported in some way by the community to keep us going, and voting helps as much as buying Cookie Coins!

If you voted every day for 30 days you would have $76,000, 30 Rank Crates, 150 Daily Crates and 240 Cookie Coins (2240 if you win Top Voter!)! Not including rewards from Vote Party and Top Voter Rewards. Daily and Rank Crates give you a chance to get rarer crates. $76k could buy you a rare item otherwise found in crates. You also are given a small sack of Cookie Coins, which accumulate over time.

Vote Sites & Rewards

Site Money Crates Points Exp Other Rewards
Best Minecraft Servers $200 None 1 Vote Point 104 +2 Cookie Coins
Top Minecraft Servers $200 None 1 Vote Point 104 +2 Cookie Coins
Minecraft-MP $200 None 1 Vote Point 104 +2 Cookie Coins
TopG $200 1 Daily Crate 1 Vote Point 104 None
Mine Sprout $200 1 Daily Crate 1 Vote Point 104 None
Minecraft Buzz $200 1 Daily Crate 1 Vote Point 104 None
Planet Minecraft $200 1 Daily Crate 1 Vote Point 104 +2 Cookie Coins $200 1 Daily Crate 1 Vote Point 104 None
Voting On All Sites $1000 1 Rank Crate None 800 None
Voting Party $5000 1 Spawner Crate None None None
Streak (30-60 Days Daily Voting) None None None None Cosmic Prefix
Top Voter for the Month None None None None +2000 Cookie Coins
2nd Place Voter for the Month None None None None +1000 Cookie Coins
3rd Place Voter for the Month None None None None +500 Cookie Coins

Voting Commands

Plugin Command Aliases Description Syntax
Voting /vote help ? Lists the vote commands in the chat /command help [value]
Voting /vote Opens a GUI with all URL’s that you are allowed to vote on. Useful to see when cooldowns are over. /command
Voting /vote best votebest, vbest Shows your best day, week and month scores in relation to voting. /command best
Voting /vote last votelast, vlast Shows the last time you voted /command best
Voting /vote list votelist, vlist, vote all Display list of URL’s that you can vote on. /command
Voting /vote next votenext, vnext Shows the next vote site you can vote on /command
Voting /vote party voteparty, vparty See how many more votes are needed for a Vote Party! /command
Voting /vote points votepoints, vpoints See how many vote points you have. /command
Voting /vote shop voteshop, vshop Open the vote shop to spend your vote points. /command
Voting /vote streak votestreak, vstreak Open a menu to see your current vote streak statistics. /command
Voting /vote today votetoday, vtoday Open a menu to what sites you voted on today. /command
Voting /vote ToggleBroadcast votetogglebroadcast, vtogglebroadcast Disable the chat broadcasts about voting. /command
Voting /vote top votetop, vtop Open a menu that contains a leaderboard with the top voters. /command
Voting /vote total votetotal, vtotal Open a menu to see your total votes over time. /command
Voting /vote URL voteurl, vurl Open a menu see which sites you’ve voted on. /command