June 21, 2024

CoffeeCraft Survival

CoffeeCraft is a long-term friendly Custom Survival server! Are you looking for something fresh? Bored with basic survival? You’ve GOT to check us out! We keep the spirit of Minecraft, but seasoned with features that enhance the entire experience. Gain skills, unique landscapes, custom world generation, 200+ Custom Enchants and so much more.

Best of all? CoffeeCraft has a very active and chill community! Want to make some new friends, fast? Give us a try!

Features Include:

  • Fresh 1.19.3 World
  • Custom World Generation
  • 200+ Custom Enchants
  • MCMMO (Skills)
  • Land Claim and Anti-Grief Prevention
  • Friendly Community
  • Active Server, with experienced admins
  • Player Driven Economy with Shops
  • Player Warps
  • Events and Activities
  • Free Ranks (Non-P2W)

Come check us out!
IP: play.coffeecraftsmp.com
Discord: discord.gg/9X3JQH4F9P