June 18, 2024

Hey there Cookie/CoffeeCrafters!

Have you ever wanted to share your Minecraft world with that special someone in a more intimate way? Well, now you can with the latest update that introduces Marriages in Cookie/CoffeeCraft! With this new feature, players can now get married, become priests, share their /backpack, share homes, and more!

How to get Married

Here’s how it works: first, find your soulmate in the world of Cookie/CoffeeCraft. Once you’ve found that special someone, it’s time to find a Priest who can perform your marriage ceremony. You can make your ceremony as big or as small as you want, with your Priest there to marry you.

After the ceremony, you’ll be given a command to agree to the marriage, which will certify your commitment to each other. Your Priest will also give you a Marriage Certificate to make your union official.

And there you have it, you’re married in CookieCraft! You and your loved one can now share your /backpack, share homes, and take on the world together.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends, find your soulmate, and start planning your dream wedding in CookieCraft. Happy crafting, and happy marriage!

How to Become a Priest

With the introduction of the new marriage feature, priests are in high demand and are required for any player looking to get married in the game.

Here’s how you can become a priest in CookieCraft:

Step 1: Head over to the Spawn and locate Father Anduin. He’ll be able to initiate you into the priesthood.

Step 2: Pay the fee of $30k to become a priest.

Step 3: It is recommended that you charge for your services as a priest. After all, your time and expertise are valuable, and you’ll be performing a critical service for couples looking to get married.

Step 4: Once you’ve become a priest, you’ll need to be present at the wedding ceremony to perform the marriage.

Step 5: Run the command ‘/marry marry player1 player2‘ to officially marry the couple (Example: /marry marry Vethyx LuxieLady). Yes, that’s /marry marry, not /marry.. This command will certify their union in the game and make their partnership official.

Step 6: Give the couple a Marriage Certificate, one for each player, that you purchased from Father Anduin. It is recommended that you ask the players who are being married to reimburse you for the certificate fee, as this is an additional expense for you as a priest.

Step 7: You’ve done your job! You’ve successfully married the happy couple, and they can now enjoy all the benefits of being married in CookieCraft.

Becoming a priest is a fulfilling and exciting opportunity to bring joy to the players of CookieCraft. So why not give it a try? Head over to the Spawn, find Father Anduin, and start your journey as a priest today.

Watch Vethyx Get Married In Minecraft

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