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Obtaining Jobs
List of Jobs

Obtaining Jobs

To get a job you can speak to the job NPC at spawn, or just run the command /jobs browse. Different Ranks allow you to have a different number of jobs. By default, you will automatically join the mining job when you first join the server. You can get a second job as well.

View all Job Commands here!

Max Earning – You can only earn $15,000 every 20 hours, this gives you an earning potential of $105,000 a week or $450,000 a month if you reach your max earning every day. Use /jobs limit to see how close you are to $15,000.

Quests – Jobs have specific quests you can do for some extra cash. /jobs quests

Limitations – You can not earn money when you are near a spawner. Unless you are VIP or above, then you will only earn half the amount. Explorer job doesn’t work with /fly or gliding.

Earnings Message – You will receive a message in chat every 5 minutes with how much money you’ve earned

Number of Jobs By Rank

Rank Number of Jobs
[Crumb] 2
[Explorer] 2
[Hunter] 2
[Farmer] 2
[Miner] 3
[Pathfinder] 3
[Enchanter] 3
[Architect] 4
[Voidwalker] 4
[Netherlord] 5
VIP+ 7
MVP+ 9
GOLD+ 12

List of Jobs

Job Name Description
Alchemist Transforms materials into magical potions and concoctions.
Builder Earn a profit for building structures.
Craftsman Earn more for crafting items.
Digger Earn money for terraforming the world.
Enchanter Earn money for enchanting items.
Explorer Earn money for exploring the world.
Farmer Earn money for farming.
Fisherman Earn money for fishing.
Hunter Earn money for killing mobs and animals.
Miner Earn money for mining minerals and ores.
Weaponsmith Earn money for crafting and repairing weapons.
Lumberjack Earn money for felling and planting trees.