July 20, 2024

CookieCraft Rules

Chat / community rules apply both in Discord and in-game.

Spam No spamming images, text or flooding the screen. Do not ping Vethyx unless it’s urgent

Toxic Behavior Intolerant or discriminatory remarks towards someone’s race, gender or sexuality is not permitted. Being annoying, excessive profanity/vulgarity, disrespectful behavior, being argumentative, snide/snark towards staff, toxic negativity towards CookieCraft and its staff, or pushing the boundaries of the server rules will not be tolerated.

Advertising Do not advertise or discuss other Discord/Minecraft servers here, period. You are not permitted to invite people who play here to your server, realm or Discord server.

Begging/Whining Asking admins for items/perms, creative mode or ranks is not allowed.

Hacking No xray, fly hacks, autoclickers, macros, etc. You may use aesthetic tools/mods such as optifine.

Exploits Exploiting bugs or duping items will result in a perm ban. You may not use methods to count anti-afk mechanics.

Alt Accounts You may not use multiple accounts for any reason.

Griefing You may grief all unclaimed land unless it’s the border of a claim. You may not block someone from claiming land or expanding their claim. No lavacasts. No portal or pvp traps of any kind. *NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to claim all land you don’t want griefed. We have a claim system for a reason, use it! Claim a buffer zone around your builds.*

Stealing/Scamming You may not steal items or scam from your fellow players. This is a friendly survival server.

PVP You may pvp in unclaimed land (Wilderness) that is *about* 2 chunks away from an *active* claim. Within the two chunks, you MAY attack if you are antagonized verbally or non-verbally (be prepared to give proof if you are reported or you’ll be issued a punishment). You may not teleport to someone or get them to teleport to you (or a friend) as a way to kill them. You may not pvp before, during or after events (official or player) in the event area whether it’s claimed or not. If you lose your items in pvp that doesn’t break the rules, they will not be restored. *These rules do not apply to pvp world or anarchy world.*

Protect Yourself Protecting your levels, items, pets, livestock, and builds are your responsibility and anything lost/broke/dropped will not be restored. Use discretion. We recommend changing the “drop” button from Q to something else.

Lag Machines You may not do things that cause lag. No entity cramming as a mob kill method, keep villager tradehalls to 15 villagers, no large item sorters, please cover hoppers when you can.