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Are you interested in hosting an event with your friends on the Minecraft Forever server and aren't sure how to get started? You've come to the right place!

We're still working out most of the details, but we've been doing some work behind the scenes to try to make hosting an event easier for players (that's you!) You may have noticed a few people on the discord with a new role (Event Coordinator). The purpose of this new role is to help players navigate an event and to help with communicating with everyone involved in the event.

Events and parties are always so fun! But not very many people consider all the details involved in event planning. So we're here to do what we can to help make your event more fun, and less work!

Having said that, please also remember that we work full-time jobs, go to school, have families, and sometimes just need a break from this stuff! So while we are here to help, we aren't here to cater to you. We *will* do our best to make your planning easier and more organized, but we can't always drop what we're doing to help you.

I'll keep updating this post with more links and forms as we collect more, but for now I'll leave you with the Events Application.

MCFE Event Hosting Application - This link will bring you to a form that you can fill out for any kind of event you'd like to host on the server. There's a lot of options, and you can always edit your application after you've submitted it. You can choose your own location, or build your own; choose which server you'd like it hosted on, and you can ask us for help (or even special items! - requests are not guaranteed but we can certainly try if given enough time)

Please do not reply to this thread (yet), more forms to come as we collect/edit them...
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Wedding Script - This will get you started and show you what you will need to replicate a smooth, official-like wedding at any venue. Any underlined names need to be replaced with someone participating in the wedding. You can add, remove, and edit this script as much or as little as you need to satisfy your event's needs. You can add people to it, or remove roles, it's totally up to you! Get creative with it, have fun, and don't forget to practice!

Procession happens before any speaking:
Reader 1 & Reader 2
Ring Bearer
Bridesmaid 1 & Groomsman 1
Bridesmaid 2 & Groomsman 2
Flower Person 1 & Flower Person 2

Officiant | Reader 1 | Reader 2 | Betrothed 1 (Groom) | Betrothed 2 (Bride)

Officiant moves to the podium:
“To honor the strength of love - and the role it plays in our lives - we have called upon two individuals to share some moving readings.”

Reader 1 [will begin with the reading of a heartwarming poem…]
Officiant looks to Reader 1 then returns to “home”

Reader 1 moves to the podium:
[reading 1]
Reader 1 returns to “home”

Officiant moves to the podium:
Thank you, Reader 1.
Reader 2 [will now share some motivating words with everyone…]

Officiant looks to Reader 2 then returns to “home”

Reader 2 moves to the podium
[reading 2]
Reader 2 returns to “home”

Officiant moves to the podium:
Reader 2 and Reader 1 return to their seats

There are no vows more meaningful than those which will be shared here today. Betrothed 1, Betrothed 2, your wedding vows are a sacred declaration of your love for each other, the foundation of your relationship as a married *Minecraft* couple and the community you want to build *or burn* together, block by block.
Betrothed 1 and Betrothed 2 have decided to share their own vows and will now read them to one another.
Betrothed 2, you may start…

Officiant remains at the podium

In becoming your partner, I vow to [...]

Betrothed 1, please now make your vows.

In becoming your partner, I vow to [...]

Do you, Betrothed 1, take this person to be your Minecraft partner?

I do

Do you, Betrothed 2, take this person to be your Minecraft partner?

I do

It is now time for you to exchange your rings. These [...] symbolize the eternal commitment that you make each other, and the never ending beacon of your love. May these stars always remind you of the commitment you are making here today [...]

Betrothed 1 and Betrothed 2, please repeat after me.

I give you this star as a symbol of my love and commitment to you

Betrothed 1 & Betrothed 2 Together:
I give you this [...] as a symbol of my love and commitment to you.

Exchange “Rings”

By the power vested in me by Mojang, I pronounce you Minecraft partners. You may now kiss.
----Wedding Party Throws Seeds at Bride and Groom----
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Court Case / Trial Mock Script - Has someone wronged you while playing on the Minecraft Forever server? Are you in the mood to put on a show with very little reward? Let's have a TRIAL!!! Here is a quick script to run through a mock trial. You don't need to fill all the roles, or you can add more if you need. Not all trials need lawyers (attorneys) or even witnesses! But if you can get enough people involved, it can be a fun experience. Just make sure the reward is worth it!​

Before you begin: Please remember this is just a guide! Your trial doesn't need to include anything written here if you don't want it to. You don't need witnesses, the Jury can be biased, you can run it without a Bailiff. This form here is mostly to help you make the trail feel more realistic and run smoothly (mostly). So take what helps, and leave the rest!

Punishments!!!: Don't skip out on the most rewarding part of having a trial - the rewards! Money isn't something we're here to fight over; we want real humiliation and fun punishments here! Don't ask for $$$, instead, force the loser to wear a clown skin for the next 24 hours, or demand they build a statue of you inside their base. How about forcing them to build a massive crater in the center of their garden (like a meteor crash-landed), or you could have a new miner for the next 3 in-game-days! Let's keep our punishments creative and make it something to remember!

IMPORTANT BEFORE YOU START THE TRIAL!!!!: I find it to be the most fun when the parties choose the punishments before any trial has begun. Have the judge, bailiff, or host of the event (not the prosecutor or the defendant) approve the punishments for both parties before the trial begins - and try to make sure they're equal punishments - and fair. At the very least, let the prosecutor and the defendant agree on each other's punishment (if no third party is available to approve)
Attorney's & Judge Only - OBJECTIONS

Any attorney may object to a question asked of a witness on the stand or the admission of an exhibit if s/he feels that it does not follow a rule of evidence. The judge is the deciding factor and will determine whether the witness’ testimony or the evidence is admissible.

Possible Reasons for Objections:

Leading question: Prosecutors must allow their witnesses to tell their own stories; they must not lead their witnesses through the story. Defense attorneys must follow the same rule when questioning their witnesses.

Immaterial and irrelevant: The information is not closely related to the case, and is therefore not important.

Calls for an opinion or calls for a conclusion: Unless the witness is an expert (such as a doctor testifying about medical issues), he or she should not give professional opinions or conclusions.

Non-responsive answer: The witness is not answering the question asked.

When you feel that an attorney has asked a question that breaks a rule of evidence, stand up and say “Objection, your Honor” and give the rule of evidence that you feel was broken.

The opposing attorney may state why he/she feels he is not breaking the rule.

Judge’s possible response:

SUSTAIN” - the judge agrees that the rule has been broken, the jury should disregard the question, and the witness should not answer the question.

OVERRULE” - the judge does not think a rule has been broken and the witness can answer the question that was asked.


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NOTE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS: Always address the judge by saying “Your Honor.”

Bailiff | Judge | Prosecuting Attorney | Defense Attorney | Prosecution's Witness (0-4) | Defense’s Witness (0-4) | Foreman of the Jury | Jury Members (3-6)
Opening of Trial:
Bailiff: The Court of [...], Criminal Division, is now in session, the Honorable Judge ___ presiding.

Judge: Ms./Mr. ___(Bailiff’s name), please swear in the jury.

Bailiff: Do you solemnly swear that you will truly listen to this case and render a worthy verdict and a fair sentence as to this defendant? (Jury should answer “I do”).

Judge: Members of the jury, your duty today will be to determine whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty based only on facts and evidence provided in this case. [...]

Mr./Ms. ___(Bailiff’s name), what is today’s case?

Bailiff: Your Honor, today’s case is ___ versus ___.

Judge: Is the prosecution ready?

Prosecuting Attorneys: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: Is the defense ready?

Defense Attorneys: Yes, Your Honor.
~~~Opening Statements~~~
(Prosecution goes first, then Defense)
(Speak at the podium)
Attorney: Your Honor, members of the jury, my name is ___ and I am representing ___ in this case.

We intend to prove ___. Please find ___. Thank you.

~~~Direct Examination (Prosecution)~~~

Judge: Prosecution, you may call your first witness.

Prosecuting Attorney: Thank you, your Honor. I call to the stand ___.

Judge: Will the witness please come forward to be sworn in by the bailiff.

Bailiff: (To the witness) Do you swear to tell only truths to the best of your knowledge?

Witness: I do.

? ___

Judge: The Defense may cross-examine the witness.
Cross-examination of 1st Prosecution Witness by Defense


? ___

Judge: You may step down.
~~~Direct Examination (Defense) ~~~

Judge: Defense, you may call your first witness.

Defense Attorney: Thank you, your Honor. I call to the stand ___.

Judge: Will the witness please come forward to be sworn in by the bailiff.

Bailiff: (to the witness) Do you swear to tell only truths to the best of your knowledge?

Witness: I do.

? ___

Judge: The Prosecution may cross-examine the witness.
Cross-Examination of 1st Defense Witness by Prosecution


? ___

Judge: You may step down.
~~~Closing Arguments~~~

Judge: Both the prosecution and the defense have now rested their cases. The attorneys will now present their final arguments. Please remember, what the attorneys say is NOT evidence. However, do listen closely as this is where they will each try to convince you they are right.

Prosecuting Attorney: Thank you, your Honor. Members of the jury, today you have heard testimony about ___.

I would like to remind you of some important information that you should consider in your decision. These facts include ___

Please find the defendant guilty of the charge of ___.
Thank you.

Judge: Defense you may proceed with your closing argument.

Defense Attorney: Thank you, your Honor. Members of the jury, today you have heard testimony about ___.

I would like to remind you of some important information that you should consider in your decision. These facts include ___

Please find our client, ___, not guilty.
Thank you.

~~~Jury Deliberation~~~

Judge: Members of the jury, you have heard all of the testimony concerning this case. It is now up to you to determine the facts. You and you alone, are the judges of the fact.

In just a moment, the bailiff will take you to the jury room to consider your verdict. Whatever verdict you render must be unanimous. The Bailiff will now escort you to the deliberation room.

Bailiff: This way, please (escort Jury to deliberation room)
Judge: (When the Jury Returns) Have you reached a verdict?

Jury Foreperson: We have, your Honor.

Judge: What say you?

Jury Foreperson: We the jury, in the case of ___ versus ___, find the defendant (guilty/not guilty) of the charge of ___.

Judge: (After verdict is read) Thank you, Jury, for your service today. The winning party may now announce their pre-approved punishment for the losing party.

Judge: (After punishment is announced) Court is adjourned.
The punishment will then be carried out. If the losing party throws a temper tantrum and refuses, another trail may be held to determine the outcome.