Official Minecraft Update: Java 1.16.5 Changes

Hello Survivors!
Looks like our pals, Mojang, has released another minor update for 1.16! We’re now on 1.16.5. This isn’t really a game changing update, looks like just a few fixes on the back end.

Minecraft 1.16.5 includes 3 Fixes

  • MC-203337 – java.lang.IllegalStateException: POI data mismatch: already registered.
  • Fixed two major server stability issues.

If you play on our official survival server, Minecraft Forever, you’ll be pleased to know you can go ahead and play on 1.16.5, OR stay on 1.16.4 (if you’re using shaders). The choice is yours 🙂

If you aren’t playing our server, WHY NOT!? Come check us out!