Player Warp Guide

Player Warps are a great way to explore and share creations made by those who play on the server! To access the warps, simply type the /warps command.

Create Your Own Warp

To create a warp, you either need to be rank, or or higher. Unless you are VIP or above, a warp will cost $60,000 to create.

First stand in the place you’d like players to spawn when they teleport to your warp. Next, simply run the following command:
/warps set WarpName
Change “WarpName” with the name of your warp. Spaces are not allowed!

After you run this command, your warp will immediately appear in the “Other” category of Warps. Your warp will be moved into an appropriate category after reviewed by a mod or admin. If it doesn’t fit into a category, or if it’s incomplete or broken, it will stay in “Other“.

Customize It:

You can set your warps Icon by holding an item in your hand and running this command:
/warps icon set WarpName

You can also add a description with this command:
/warps desc set WarpName A description of your warp here

If you’d like to charge an admission fee to go to your warp, use this command:
/warps cost set WarpName 1000
Change 1000 to the cost of your warp

Leave Rating For Your Favorite (or least favorite) Warps!

If you want to leave a review rating for a warp you visited, use this command:
/warps rate WarpName 5
Change 5 to any number between 1 and 5, 5 being the best.

== Warp Rules and Guidelines ==

These are public warps – therefore it is the responsibility of every warp owner to follow these rules and guidelines.
1. Players may not AFK at a farm that is a Public Warp, even if the owner gives them permission.
2. Warps should be safe for visiting players.
3. Warps should be properly claimed by the warp owner.
4. Warp should not contain obscene language or imagery in books, signs, etc…
5. Warps may not be used to stir up drama or unrest in the community.
6. Admins reserve the right to remove a warp if they feel it’s bad for the community.
7. Warps that violate the server/community rules will be given a 24 hour notice to make changes before it is removed.


That’s all! Have fun!