How To Claim And Protect Land

The Land Claim System on Minecraft Forever might seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll not only be claiming land until your hearts content, but you will also enjoy the rich variety of features and options that this system gives you! Claiming land will allow you to safely build without worrying about people destroying your creations or stealing your stuff. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Decide where you want to claim!

The claim system is made up of “Lands” and “Chunks“. Think of Lands as properties that you own and manage separately. Chunks are a 16×16 area of blocks in Minecraft.

Protip: Anytime you want to see what a chunk looks like, just press F3 and G on your keyboard, and a grid will appear showing you all the chunks around you! The image above shows you what that looks like.


Step 2: Create a Land!

Again, think of a Land as a piece of property that you own in the game world. You can have as many of these are you want! The first thing you need to do is create a Land. To do this, run this command in the chat:
/land create LandName

Change “LandName” to what you’d like to name the Land. Make sure there are no spaces!

Once you’ve ran that command, your Land is now created and your stuff is now protected! It automatically gives you one chunk (16×16 area) to start with! If you want to see the border of your Land, run the following command in the chat:
/lands view

Protip: The chat will tell you when you enter and when you leave a claim! The “Wilderness” is anything that isn’t claimed. Warning: PvP is on in the Wilderness!


Step 3: Expanding your Land Claim!

To expand your Land claim, you must add more chunks to it. To do it, stand in the place you’d like to add to your Land, and run the following command:
/claim LandName

Replace LandName with the name of the Land you’re adding the chunk too!


That’s all! Of course, there are a lot of really amazing options and features to having a land claim that we will discuss in another tutorial. Here are some useful commands:
/lands view – View your land borders
/lands – View all your Lands (properties), and edit their settings (this is where you add friends to your claim to build with you)
/lands spawn – Teleport to the land spawn
/lands chat – Chat to people who are members of your land