Server & Community Rules

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🗨️ Keep Chat PG-13
Do your best to keep the chat civil. Excessive profanity or vulgarity is not allowed. This rule applies to nametags and weapon names as well.

👫 Respect Others
Be excellent to each other! Intolerant or discriminatory remarks towards someone's race, gender or sexuality is not permitted. Being annoying, excessive profanity, vulgarity, disrespectful behavior, excessively asking or begging for items and permissions, being argumentative, snide/snark towards staff or pushing the boundaries of the server rules will not be tolerated.

🌎 Politics and Religion
These topics are outside the scope of this server and community. Discussing them or mocking them in any way is not permitted.

😿 Begging and Whining
Asking for help is totally acceptable! But begging for items and whining in the chat is not permitted. In addition, asking admins for items, permission, creative mode, ranks, item repairs or anything that would give you an unfair advantage over other players is not acceptable.

😎 Nicknames
You may not set your nickname to anything that breaks the community rules such as racism, sexism, vulgarity. You may not add anything to your name that would make people think you are staff when you are not "Helper", "Admin", "Mod", "Owner", "God" or copy another players name.

📰 Advertising
Advertising, discussing or inviting our players to other Discords or Minecraft Servers/Realms is not permitted. This is not the place to grow your own server or community. Please respect the community we've built and do not bring up other servers at all.

⌨️ Chat Etiquette
Please help us keep the chat nice and tidy! This means, keep things in their appropriate Discord channels, do not character spam (example: "heeeeeeeey!"), keep your sentence in one chat and not multiple chats, not talking in all caps and not pinging people or admins for no reason. *Please do not ping @Vethyx#6801 unless it's urgent.*


💻 No Hacking or Xray Yes, you may use minimaps, aesthetic modifications and optifine. However, hacking, texture packs or anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to, xray, fly hacks, jump, auto clickers.

🐛 Bug Abuse Please use #help-and-support to report any bugs you find in the game. More serious bugs, such as a way to give yourself free items, should be reported directly to @Vethyx in a DM. Abusing bugs in Minecraft or the server to give yourself an unfair advantage is prohibited.

💰 Scamming You may not steal or scam from your fellow players. This includes misleading people on the auction house by renaming items.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Alt Accounts Using another account to give yourself an unfair advantage such as more crate keys or afking at a mob farm is against the rules and will result in a ban.

👶 Maturity This is not an 18+ server, however if you are not a mature player you will not be permitted to stay.

🐔 Mob Farms Mob farms must not use entity cramming as a kill method as this can lag the server. Farms doing this may be wiped or broke by an admin when found. You may not AFK at farms that are a public warp.

📡 Player Warps Player warps must be complete or they will be removed - The owner is responsible for all upkeep. They must also be safe for both visiting players and the for the owner of the warp. Make sure it's properly claimed.

👻 Griefing You are allowed to grief unclaimed or abandon bases, though we strongly discourage this behavior. You are not allowed to grief someone's claimed land, even if you have been given trust. You may not block someone from claiming land, or expanding their claim.

🗣️ Mute Evading Evading a mute by displaying items in chat or using In Game Chats will result in a ban for 2x the time the mute length was and restricted access in Discord.
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