Caves and Cliffs World Discussion

Minecraft Mountain Update

If you don’t already know, the overworld in Minecraft is getting nearly overhauled with this massive Caves and Cliffs update. We are about to see Minecraft in a way we’ve never seen it before, and it’s exciting! This means, however, that we need to make some tough decisions, but we’ll get through it together! Though no final decisions have been made about what exactly we will do when Caves and Cliffs hits this summer, here’s some things you can be free to discuss! Ultimately, we will always do what’s best for the server!

First, here’s what we DO know and what we can expect when Caves and Cliffs launched.
1. The server will not update to 1.17 for up to a week, or more. This is a major update, and there are a lot of plugins that need to be updated.
2. A LOT of new players! People will be searching for a new server, and we’ll be here providing an awesome Survival experience!
3. A new world like Iron and Emerald called “Copper”
4. This update is MASSIVE, and Game Changing!

Here are our options for the world situation. Again, NO decisions have been made, and these are for the sake of conversation. I understand it can be easy to get passionate or ‘worked up’ about what the right answer is, but the truth is, there IS no perfect solution. Please be respectful as you discuss these things with your fellow players and know that I take everyone’s feelings and thoughts into consideration.

a) A Fresh Start

A fresh start means we just start fresh, but we also double the world border. We would give everyone time to transfer their items easily to the new world, and put the old world up for download.

– Frees up harddrive space and means we can double the world border on all worlds and possibly bring Dynmap back!
– Would have free harddrive space for a resource world
– Can run old world and fresh world for a week, allowing players to seamlessly bring their items over to the new world.
– Can put the “Old World” up for download on the website for those wanting to revisit.
– Can host a yearly “anniversary” event, where we host another server for a week to revisit our old worlds, shed some tears, have some laughs & relive some memories! (It could be a Time Capsule!)
– A fresh start also gives everyone a chance to experience 1.17 the way Mojang intended.
– VERY New Player Friendly!
– Removes the awkward transition of a massive 1.16 world and then 1.17 world out of no where.
– A Fresh Economy gives us a much needed opportunity to correct a broken system
– It wipes all the old claims of players who quit the server or were banned.

– Everyone loses their hard work.
– Projects will be left unfinished.
– The economy will be wiped

b) Two Overworlds “Old World” and “New World”

In this scenario, we simply have two overworlds! One we call the Old World, and the other we call the New World. You can seamlessly teleport between the two as easy as you would the Nether. Only, you’d use commands “/oldworld”, “/newworld”. Yes, you can transfer items, it’s all contained on the same server, you could build in both worlds.

– Everyone keeps their hard work and money
– Kind of new player friendly, could get confusing for some even though they’d spawn in the New World by default.
– Removes the awkward transition of a massive 1.16 world and then 1.17 world out of no where.
– Could seamlessly teleport between old and new world.
– Could possibly offer solutions to slowly (over the course of weeks) move players claims to the New World, and eventually delete the Old World, and double the New World world border after everyone’s moved over.

– Cripples our harddrive space. No resource worlds, no Dynmap, no world border increases, might set back potential new servers and features.


c) Double World Border

In this scenario, we keep the same overworld, but we double our world border.

– Everyone keeps their hard work and money
– Nothing really changes

– Servers will die over time since it is not new player friendly
– Awkward transition between the 1.16 and 1.17 world
– Long walking periods, and hard to find areas of 1.17 world.


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