New Blocks in 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update!


Amethyst Bud
  • Grows from budding amethyst, which is found in amethyst geodes.
  • Starts out tiny, but grows into medium after a while, large after even more time, and eventually becomes an amethyst cluster.
  • Unlike crops, each growth stage is a separate block instead of a block state.
  • Drops only when mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe.
  • There is a total of 3 variants (stages).
Amethyst Cluster
  • The final, mature stage of the amethyst bud, which grows from budding amethyst in amethyst geodes.
  • Drops amethyst shards if broken, in an amount affected by Fortune, but can also be picked up with Silk Touch.
    • Breaking by hand, piston, or other means drops only 2 amethyst shards instead of 4 that would be dropped by using any pickaxe.
  • Emits a light level of 5.
  • Has variants with either no blossoms or pink blossoms.
  • Bush-like blocks that can be planted on dirt and grass blocks.
  • Both azaleas can grow from moss blocks when bone meal is used on them.
  • The variant with pink blossoms is seen as small flowers by the game (for example, bees can pollinate them).
  Azalea Leaves
  • Has variants with either no blossoms or pink blossoms.
  • Yield azalea and sticks on decay.
  • The variant with pink blossoms is seen as small flowers by the game (for example, bees can pollinate them).
Block of Amethyst
  • A decorative block found in amethyst geodes.
  • Unlike the Budding Amethyst, the Block of Amethyst can be obtained when mined.
  • Can also be crafted with 4 amethyst shards.
 Block of Copper
  • Can be crafted with 4 copper ingots, and can also be crafted back into 4 copper ingots.
  • Oxidizes and changes texture to a turquoise-green over time.
  • Can be stopped from oxidizing by combining it with a honeycomb to create a Waxed Block of Copper.
  • Honeycomb can also be used, or applied with a dispenser to wax them.
    • Yellow particles are formed when waxing the block.
  • Axes can be used to scrape off wax and oxidation (one stage at a time).
    • White particles are formed when scraping off wax from the block.
  • Lightning may clean oxidation, reverting the oxidation process by one or several stages.
    • Chances of cleaning and number of reverted stages are higher the closer to the struck block.
  • Can be crafted into cut copper.
  • There are 7 variants in total.
Budding Amethyst
  • Generates amethyst buds/clusters on any side that is exposed either to air or a water source block.
  • Cannot be obtained when mined, even with Silk Touch, and does not drop anything.
  • Breaks immediately if pushed by a piston or sticky piston.
    • Cannot be pulled by sticky pistons.
  • Generates in amethyst geodes.
  • Crafted with honeycomb and string.
  • Comes with 16 dyed types and a yellowish non-dyed type.
  • Can be lit by any item that produces fire.
  • Up to 4 can be placed in a single block, similar to sea pickles, for a maximum light level of 12.
    • Only candles of the same color can be placed on the same block.
  • Only one can be placed on an uneaten cake and lit.
    • If any of the cake is consumed, the candle pops off.
  • Can be placed underwater, but cannot be lit.
Cave Vines
  • A natural light source, with a light level of 14.
  • Drop glow berries.
    • Growth can be sped up using bone meal.
    • Berries can be harvested by interacting with the vine.
  • Grow from glow berries when placed on the underside of a block.
Cobbled Deepslate
  • Drops from deepslate when mined with a pickaxe without Silk Touch.
  • Can be used interchangeably with cobblestone and blackstone in crafting recipes of basic tools, furnaces and brewing stands.
  • Can be crafted into respective stairs, slabs and walls, Polished DeepslateChiseled DeepslateDeepslate Bricks and Deepslate Tiles, which can be used to craft their respective stairs, slabs, and walls (excluding Chiseled Deepslate).
    • Deepslate Bricks and Deepslate Tiles can also be smelted onto their cracked variants.
  • Can be smelted back into deepslate.
Copper Ore
  • Generates randomly underground in small veins.
  • Copper ore generates uniformly between levels 0 and 63.
  • Can be smelted into a copper ingot.
 Cut Copper
  • Can be made into stair and slab variants.
  • Oxidizes and changes texture over time.
  • Can be stopped from oxidizing by combining it with a honeycomb to create Waxed Cut Copper.
  • There are 7 variants in total.
 Cut Copper Slab
  • Oxidizes and changes texture over time.
  • Can be stopped from oxidizing by combining it with a honeycomb to create a Waxed Cut Copper Slab.
  • There are 7 variants in total.
 Cut Copper Stairs
  • Oxidizes and changes texture over time.
  • Can be stopped from oxidizing by combining it with a honeycomb to create Waxed Cut Copper Stairs.
  • There are 7 variants in total.
  • A dark-gray stone found between Y = -1 to Y = -64 of the world.
    • Makes a gradual transition from stone to deepslate as the Y-level reaches 0.
    • Takes over fully underground starting from Y=-8.
    • Deepslate blobs can also be found between heights 0 and 16.
  • Has a hardness value greater than that of stone but can be mined with any pickaxe.
  • Drops cobbled deepslate when mined.
  • Can be obtained only with a Silk Touch pickaxe.
  • There are 19 variants in total, including
 Deepslate Ore
  • Added deepslate variants of all ores, including iron, gold, copper, coal, diamond, redstone, emerald, and lapis lazuli.
    • Deepslate ore variants for copperemerald and coal ore do not generate by default; they have been added for use only by creators of maps and data packs.
  • Takes twice as long to mine as normal ores.
  • Has the texture of deepslate replacing the normal stone texture.
  • Takes place of ores that generate in deepslate.
  • Can be used in blasting and smelting recipes like normal ores.
    • These recipes can be unlocked in the recipe book with deepslate ores as well.
  • Allows an entity to stay on it for 1.5 seconds (30 ticks) before the entity falls through it.
    • The tilt happens in 3 stages: unstable, partial, and full. These can be seen in the F3 debug menu.
      • All the stages are solid except the full stage, which is when the player falls through.
      • When nobody is standing on it, it is set to none stage.
    • The tilt can also be triggered by hitting the plant with a projectile.
    • The tilt can be prevented by powering it with redstone, but hitting it with a projectile still causes it to tilt.
  • Comes in two sizes: small and big. Small can be applied bone meal to grow into big.
    • Small dripleaf can be obtained only with shears (otherwise breaks) and can be planted on only clay, or underwater on clay and dirt blocks.
    • Big dripleaf can be obtained with any tool or by hand and can be planted on grass, dirt, and moss blocks.
  • Both sizes can be found inside lush caves, which can currently only be accessed through the single biome, caves, or floating islands world types.
Dripstone Block
  • A decoration block.
  • Appears to be made of the same materials as stalactites and stalagmites but as a full cube.
  • Generates mainly in the dripstone caves biome, which is currently available only through single biome, caves, or floating islands world types.
  • Can be crafted from 4 pointed dripstone.
Glow Item Frame
  • Placeable entities that appear to glow.
  • Do not affect the light level, but appear as if lit up themselves.
  • Items placed inside also glow.
  • Crafted using an item frame and a glow ink sac.
  • Includes application to maps.
Glow Lichen
  • A naturally occurring light source found rarely in caves, growing on any face of a block.
  • Has a light level of 7.
  • Obtained with shears, otherwise breaks.
  • Does not spread naturally, although bone meal can be used to spread it horizontally (or vertically if on the side of a block).
    • It spreads to adjacent spaces, up to 4.
  • Can be waterlogged.
  • Unlike vines, it does not pop off when underwater, and is not climbable.
  • Up to 6 can be put on the same block space, merging into one block.
Hanging Roots
  • Decorative blocks that can be placed only on the underside of a block.
  • Obtained with shears, otherwise breaks.
 Infested Deepslate
  • An infested variant of deepslate.
  • Spawn a silverfish when mined.
  • A new waterloggable source of light, originally from Bedrock Edition.
  • Only available with commands such as /give.
  • Behaves like air and it is visible only when the item is held, similar to barriers.
    • Unlike barriers, light blocks can only be targeted when holding the item.
  • The light level it is emitting can be changed by interacting with it.
Lightning Rod
  • Can be crafted with 3 copper ingots.
  • Lightning strikes within a 32-block radius get redirected to the lightning rod.
    • Turns completely white when struck by lightning.
  • Gives off a redstone signal with a strength of 15 if hit by lightning.
  • Can be activated directly by throwing a trident with Channeling at it during a thunderstorm, though this does not produce a redstone signal.
Moss Block
  • An opaque block with a grass-like texture on all sides.
  • Can be fertilized with bone meal to grow grasstall grass, Moss Carpets, and both types of azaleas on it and in its vicinity.
  • Can be fertilized with bone meal to grow over (expand) across stone surfaces, but not grass surfaces.
  • Breaks when pushed by a piston or sticky piston.
  • Can be combined with cobblestone or stone bricks to make the mossy versions of those blocks.
    • Vines can still be used, in addition to moss blocks.
  • Both axes and hoes are an appropriate tool to collect it.[3]
Moss Carpet
  • Same texture as the moss block, but one pixel thick.
  • Can be crafted with moss blocks, or be obtained by applying bone meal to them.
Pointed Dripstone
  • Can be either placed on a ceiling to create a stalactite or on top of a block to create a stalagmite.
    • Can be combined to form longer stalactites and stalagmites.
  • Thrown tridents break pointed dripstone. They also break when pushed directly or with a block by a piston.
  • Stalagmites break if not attached to something below.
  • Stalagmites hurt entities that fall on top of them more than normal fall damage.
    • Damage is relative to height: For example, jumping on a stalagmite deals 2♥ of damage, and falling from 3 blocks deals 8♥♥♥♥ of damage.
  • Stalactites can fall or break if unsupported, and break apart on impact, hurting entities they fall on.
    • Damage is relative to height: For example, one falling from 2 blocks deals 2♥ of damage, and one falling from 3 blocks deal 4♥♥ of damage.
    • They drip water or lava into cauldrons if a source block is placed above the stalactite, and gradually fill the cauldron. Water drips even without any water above the block (as does lava in the Nether) but this effect does not fill the cauldron.
Powder Snow
  • A variant of snow, entities that walk over it sink into it.
  • Leather boots can be worn to prevent entities from sinking into powder snow blocks.
    • Players can still crouch to descend with leather boots. Wearing leather boots also allows powder snow to be “climbed”, like water or scaffolding. They also prevent fall damage when landing on powder snow.
    • Leather Horse Armor also protects horses from freeze damage.
  • When inside a powder snow block, a frosty vignette appears around the player’s screen and any entity (with the exception of strayspolar bears, and snow golems) inside starts freezing and taking damage after a short time.
  • Can be collected and placed with a bucket.
  • Entities on fire melt powder snow when colliding.
Rooted Dirt
Sculk Sensor
  • A redstone component that detects vibrations.
  • Currently, it does not generate naturally, available only from the Creative inventory or commands such as /give, but natural generation is planned for future versions.
  • Senses vibrations such as block placement, footsteps, and projectiles, and emits a redstone signal.
  • Vibration (texture) JE1 BE1.gif Emits particles when it senses a vibration nearby.
  • comparator connected to it emits different signal strengths based on what caused the signal.
  • Does not detect ambient weather such as rain.
  • Wool blocks between the sensor and the cause of the sound prevent the sensor from detecting the sound.
Smooth Basalt
  • basalt variant that composes the outer layer of amethyst geodes.
  • Can be obtained by smelting basalt.
Spore Blossom
  • Can be placed only on the underside of a block.
  • Sends green particles downward when opened.
  • Particles appear in the air around the block.
Tinted Glass
  • A black variant of glass that is transparent to players, but does not let light through.
  • Can be crafted with 4 amethyst shards and a glass block.
    • Stained glass cannot be used to craft tinted glass.
  • Drops itself if mined without Silk Touch or even by hand, unlike glass.
  • A grayish stone that can generate in blobs between Y = -1 to Y = -64 of the world.

1.17 Cave and Cliffs Update!

1.17, the first release of Caves & Cliffs, is an upcoming major update to Java Edition set to release in mid-2021. It was first announced during Minecraft Live 2020 on October 3, 2020!


5 Interesting Minecraft Facts

#1 Cave Sound Creeper Face

One of my favorite things in Minecraft has got to be the sound effects! I was shocked by the discovery made by someone in the Minecraft Community that there’s a secret, hidden, Creeper face lurking in the sound waves of an audio file!

The sound we’re talking about here is “cave14.ogg” and I had to test it for myself to believe it! It makes me wonder what other hidden messages are in the game.

#2 Minecraft Steve was the First Monster

Humans, known as monsters in the code, were hostile mobs that look identical to the players with default skin. They didn’t do anything other than spawn in random places and wander around the world aimlessly, they would attack players who were nearby. They were later removed from the game.

#3 Helmets Protect Zombies from the Sun

If a Zombie is outside when the sun comes out, it’s bad news for them. However, if the Zombie happens to be wearing a helmet, they will be (at least temporarily) protected from the suns damaging rays! Eventually, the helmet will break and the Zombie will die, but it’s a nice little touch from the devs!

#4 First Version of Minecraft Took 6 Days To Make

A Swedish programmer known as Notch wanted to make a sandbox game, and May 10th 2019 he began work on what is now known as Minecraft. May 16th, just six days later, the “alpha” version of Minecraft was made public

#5 Creepers Began as an Error in the Code

Did you know Creepers were not intentional? According to Notch, he was attempting to create a pig, but accidently switched the figures of the height and length when inputting the code. The result was the creature we love to hate, the Creeper!

That’s all! Leave a comment of your favorite random Minecraft Fact!

Caves and Cliffs World Discussion

Minecraft Mountain Update

If you don’t already know, the overworld in Minecraft is getting nearly overhauled with this massive Caves and Cliffs update. We are about to see Minecraft in a way we’ve never seen it before, and it’s exciting! This means, however, that we need to make some tough decisions, but we’ll get through it together! Though no final decisions have been made about what exactly we will do when Caves and Cliffs hits this summer, here’s some things you can be free to discuss! Ultimately, we will always do what’s best for the server!

First, here’s what we DO know and what we can expect when Caves and Cliffs launched.
1. The server will not update to 1.17 for up to a week, or more. This is a major update, and there are a lot of plugins that need to be updated.
2. A LOT of new players! People will be searching for a new server, and we’ll be here providing an awesome Survival experience!
3. A new world like Iron and Emerald called “Copper”
4. This update is MASSIVE, and Game Changing!

Here are our options for the world situation. Again, NO decisions have been made, and these are for the sake of conversation. I understand it can be easy to get passionate or ‘worked up’ about what the right answer is, but the truth is, there IS no perfect solution. Please be respectful as you discuss these things with your fellow players and know that I take everyone’s feelings and thoughts into consideration.

a) A Fresh Start

A fresh start means we just start fresh, but we also double the world border. We would give everyone time to transfer their items easily to the new world, and put the old world up for download.

– Frees up harddrive space and means we can double the world border on all worlds and possibly bring Dynmap back!
– Would have free harddrive space for a resource world
– Can run old world and fresh world for a week, allowing players to seamlessly bring their items over to the new world.
– Can put the “Old World” up for download on the website for those wanting to revisit.
– Can host a yearly “anniversary” event, where we host another server for a week to revisit our old worlds, shed some tears, have some laughs & relive some memories! (It could be a Time Capsule!)
– A fresh start also gives everyone a chance to experience 1.17 the way Mojang intended.
– VERY New Player Friendly!
– Removes the awkward transition of a massive 1.16 world and then 1.17 world out of no where.
– A Fresh Economy gives us a much needed opportunity to correct a broken system
– It wipes all the old claims of players who quit the server or were banned.

– Everyone loses their hard work.
– Projects will be left unfinished.
– The economy will be wiped

b) Two Overworlds “Old World” and “New World”

In this scenario, we simply have two overworlds! One we call the Old World, and the other we call the New World. You can seamlessly teleport between the two as easy as you would the Nether. Only, you’d use commands “/oldworld”, “/newworld”. Yes, you can transfer items, it’s all contained on the same server, you could build in both worlds.

– Everyone keeps their hard work and money
– Kind of new player friendly, could get confusing for some even though they’d spawn in the New World by default.
– Removes the awkward transition of a massive 1.16 world and then 1.17 world out of no where.
– Could seamlessly teleport between old and new world.
– Could possibly offer solutions to slowly (over the course of weeks) move players claims to the New World, and eventually delete the Old World, and double the New World world border after everyone’s moved over.

– Cripples our harddrive space. No resource worlds, no Dynmap, no world border increases, might set back potential new servers and features.


c) Double World Border

In this scenario, we keep the same overworld, but we double our world border.

– Everyone keeps their hard work and money
– Nothing really changes

– Servers will die over time since it is not new player friendly
– Awkward transition between the 1.16 and 1.17 world
– Long walking periods, and hard to find areas of 1.17 world.


Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot Adds Glowsquid!

Minecraft Java has just released another snapchat for the Cave and Cliffs Update! Snapchat 21w03a is now available for Minecraft players everywhere to tests and adds a bunch of experimental Cave and Cliffs update features. One of the most exciting ones is the Glow Squid! Just to recap, the glow squid won the mob vote at Minecraft Live, and now we can finally take a look at it for ourselves!

The Cave and Cliffs Update is set to release sometime this Summer in 2021. This will a bunch of new and exciting features, changes and improvements to the cliffs and caves around Minecraft.

Who else is excited??

The full changelog for Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot 21w03a includes:

New features

  • Added glow lichen!
  • Added glow squid!

Glow Lichen

  • A dim light source that generates in caves
  • Use shears to pick it up
  • Use bonemeal to spread it along block surfaces

Glow Squid

  • Glow squids have been added, but do not yet spawn naturally. You can find spawn eggs for them in the creative inventory
  • Glow Squids are well-lit and can be seen from even far distances!
  • When killed, glow squids drop glow ink sacs
  • Glow ink sacs can be used on signs to make the text super visible, even at night! Works with colors!
  • Craft a glow item frame by combining a glow ink sac with an item frame in a crafting table. Any item in a glow item frame is perfectly illuminated, even at night!
  • Use an Ink Sac on a sign to remove the glow effect
  • Axolotls will attack any glow squids they see, so…be careful


  • Dripstone blocks can be crafted from 4 pointed dripstone

Bug fixes

  • Mobs suffocate / go through blocks when growing up near a solid block
  • Spawner with weight 0 crashes game
  • Shulker rendering position desync and generates ghost shulker when destroying shulker-ridden boat or minecart
  • Players can’t tempt animals with food while other players are closer to the animal
  • Setting Json text value to null throws exceptions and crashes
  • Shulkers in boats and minecarts do not sit up if previousely attached to blocks sideways
  • Shulkers can’t be pushed back
  • Using a monster spawner to spawn shulkers spawns white shulkers
  • Shulkers cannot be pushed inside non-solid blocks
  • Random transparent line in shulker box GUI texture
  • Gaps in an animation’s used frames throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Shulkers do not teleport correctly when going through a portal
  • Shulker boxes cannot be opened if next to a shulker mob
  • Shulkers teleport with original dimension coordinates after passing through portals
  • Shulkers are afraid of being next to another shulker
  • Shulkers open into blocks when unable to teleport
  • Shulkers aren’t aligned to the grid for a split second after being spawned in
  • Boats don’t try dismounting you on land
  • Server is unable to prevent a player from dismounting a vehicle, causing a desync
  • Shulker bullet subtitles are not capitalized correctly
  • Right-clicking an empty bundle sometimes plays hand animation
  • Bundle use stat never increases
  • Game mode selection is ordered differently
  • “type” in loot table number providers is not optional anymore
  • Game crashes when trying to shift-click a chest into the inventory of a donkey whose chest is being removed
  • block.pointed_dripstone.drip_[liquid/cauldron] has no subtitles
  • Pointed dripstone can be placed atop each other, even if a player would be inside the hitbox of the lower dripstone
  • Dripstone subtitles are not capitalized properly
  • Dripstone caves biome name is not properly capitalized
  • Dripstone caves generate merging dripstones in impossible ways
  • Dripstone generated in dripstone caves can replace lava sources which looks weird
  • Mobs cannot spawn in Dripstone Caves
  • Issues with chunk rendering when height limit is large
  • Summoning dust or dust_color_transition particles kicks nearby players when on a server
  • player sub-predicate of entity_properties predicate only passes if game mode is specified
  • Shulkerboxes / bundles duplicate items when destroyed by two fire blocks simultaneously
  • Shulker boxes and bundles drop their items twice when thrown into a lava cauldron

Among Us Comes To Minecraft?!

A creator by the name of bloxxed_ has made this amazing Among Us map in Minecraft! You may be familiar with Skeld, and now you can see it in all it’s pixelated glory in Minecraft! He want kind enough to provide a downloadable version which we added to our Minecraft survival server (Minecraft Forever, IP:

To get there, go to our Hub server with /server hub, and then use /warps and open the Official Server Warps. Then click Skeld!


Official Minecraft Update: Java 1.16.5 Changes

Hello Survivors!
Looks like our pals, Mojang, has released another minor update for 1.16! We’re now on 1.16.5. This isn’t really a game changing update, looks like just a few fixes on the back end.

Minecraft 1.16.5 includes 3 Fixes

  • MC-203337 – java.lang.IllegalStateException: POI data mismatch: already registered.
  • Fixed two major server stability issues.

If you play on our official survival server, Minecraft Forever, you’ll be pleased to know you can go ahead and play on 1.16.5, OR stay on 1.16.4 (if you’re using shaders). The choice is yours 🙂

If you aren’t playing our server, WHY NOT!? Come check us out!

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