5 Interesting Minecraft Facts

#1 Cave Sound Creeper Face

One of my favorite things in Minecraft has got to be the sound effects! I was shocked by the discovery made by someone in the Minecraft Community that there’s a secret, hidden, Creeper face lurking in the sound waves of an audio file!

The sound we’re talking about here is “cave14.ogg” and I had to test it for myself to believe it! It makes me wonder what other hidden messages are in the game.

#2 Minecraft Steve was the First Monster

Humans, known as monsters in the code, were hostile mobs that look identical to the players with default skin. They didn’t do anything other than spawn in random places and wander around the world aimlessly, they would attack players who were nearby. They were later removed from the game.

#3 Helmets Protect Zombies from the Sun

If a Zombie is outside when the sun comes out, it’s bad news for them. However, if the Zombie happens to be wearing a helmet, they will be (at least temporarily) protected from the suns damaging rays! Eventually, the helmet will break and the Zombie will die, but it’s a nice little touch from the devs!

#4 First Version of Minecraft Took 6 Days To Make

A Swedish programmer known as Notch wanted to make a sandbox game, and May 10th 2019 he began work on what is now known as Minecraft. May 16th, just six days later, the “alpha” version of Minecraft was made public

#5 Creepers Began as an Error in the Code

Did you know Creepers were not intentional? According to Notch, he was attempting to create a pig, but accidently switched the figures of the height and length when inputting the code. The result was the creature we love to hate, the Creeper!

That’s all! Leave a comment of your favorite random Minecraft Fact!

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